Memories Missed

children-daddy-family-happiness-favim-com-903646Life gives us each day to make memories that can never be taken away from us. But what about the memories that were missed? Moments that you will never get or be given!

A pretty deep subject I know! This is a subject I think about every year on this day. Why? It’s my father’s birthday; tomorrow is the anniversary of his death.  I have so few memories of my father from when I was younger and even fewer in my early adult years. My father died when I was twenty-one. He was virtually a stranger to me.

I can vaguely recall seeing him when I was around eight, that was the last time I saw him until his death. I did have the joy of speaking to him a few times on the telephone as a young adult, but those calls were never longer than five or ten minutes. I have one letter from him. That is all I have…

I treasure such small things and probably drive my kids crazy with them. I swore the day I saw my father buried my children would not only know their fathers but also their fathers family. I did my best and made some tough decisions… but I never went back on that promise. All three of my children knew their fathers.

I saved all the paper copies of memories I possibly could over the years and presented my boys with “memory” books for christmas. I couldn’t fit all the stuff in there so that I could leave pages open that they could add anything they wanted.

Today, I share with you the one photo I have of me with the my father and photos of my kids when they were babies. 🙂 Remember to try and never miss a memory…once the chance is gone, you can’t go back and get it. So cherish every chance you have and make time for them!

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