A fishy weekend

Since my husband made it back home we thought we’d take advantage of his time between trips and the great weather, this weekend was a start!

Last week we both got our fishing license and post access passes so we can try to hit some hot spots and get some great catches.

Setting out at a decent time on Saturday morning we checked the area map and found a pond we wanted to try out, but first to find the road to get there. After a stop at another location and some direction assistance, we were on our way. Bumpy road but great view. We were not away from sounds of cars and trains but we got plenty of nature to look at, cause the fish were NOT biting. 🙂


Our day ended at a new location and catching fish! YAY. Success. We each caught one crappie and white bass. I even held one with no gloves on (that really is progress). Fish are slimy and that bothers me, yet I do bait my own hook. I know the looks – rolling eyes and laughter. Some things may never change.

After a great day on Saturday and knowing I should really rest Sunday (cause of my ankle issues) we went fishing again! 🙂 Yup, I know… I deserve every swollen and sore inch of my foot and ankle  – BUT it was so worth it. I didn’t catch any keepers but Johnny got 3 more fish to add to the fillet stack (sadly I got no pictures.) We, okay he, got a large-mouth bass and two more whites. I am eager to eat them now.

I am eager to eat them now, but alas we need more to make it a great fish fry so this Saturday morning we will be headed out earlier to catch the morning run.

Do you fish? If so, what do you fish for and where?


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