Morning Coffee with Kasper Beaumont


Good morning and welcome….

Today, I have with me Kasper Beaumont. I have known Kasper for a few years now and she is an absolute joy!


Welcome Kasper all the way from Australia!

Hi everyone. I’m waving a bedsheet really hard so you can see me.  Thanks Cheryllynn for saying I’m a joy. That is actually my middle name. No joke.


Well, that is surprising. I would not have guessed but it is quite fitting!  So Kasper, tell me and our visitors what do you – I know you’re in the health care field and are an author, but give us some details!


It’s a bit boring, but I am an educator who specialises in Infection Control and Aseptic Technique. I frequently have a clipboard out to audit clinical practice, so I am generally referred to as ‘Shhh…here she comes.’ Work is interesting and we are doing some research at the moment which is a lot of paperwork. I also get the job of writing journal articles because my boss found out I can write. (To be honest, I much prefer to be a dragon.)

This is me on my days off work.


That actually sounds neat! I worked in health care for about 20 years doing various jobs and loved it. There is a great satisfaction that the work you do benefits the well-being of others. (But being a dragon would be much more fun.)

Now, I know mornings can be difficult at times especially trying to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before getting your day going.

What struggles do you encounter?

Well I have been needing a strong coffee lately, because I have been up late every night watching Australian Open tennis. I really only watch 2 weeks of sport a year, but I am most passionate about it. I have a sleep-deprivation hangover, Zzzzz.

fsfn-coffee2To be honest though, life is beautiful. I work 5 minutes drive from home and my kiddies are getting more independent all the time.


Working so close to home does help on those days when sleep deprivation takes over. While, I don’t watch tennis I do indulge in American Football. We just had our Super Bowl so I have a break till the fall. Now, I know you have three kids, just as I do… what do you think your strength and weaknesses are when it comes to motherhood?

fsfn-coffee2Umm. tough one for this hour of the morning. (takes a large sip of coffee)

Strengths: I’m pretty chilled and not breathing down anyone’s neck. Which probably leads me into my Weakness: I am vague and don’t pay attention to stuff like times and dates because I’m off in fairy land. I may possible have a clutter problem, but let’s not go there.

I do enjoy reading with the kiddies and doing arts and craft activities.


I think I may love that meme! Where can we get that cup?! As for the strengths I’d love to add – dedication.

Is there any wise advice you could give to new mothers to help them, or even those of veteran mothers?

Let your children be bored so they develop creativity. There are many different ways to measure success and a school report card is just a guide. It doesn’t measure their kindness, enthusiasm or potential to be an awesome adult.

All my friends did the prim and proper back to school photo, so we staged this mock fight scene. It was hilarious and even the dog was laughing!20170125_181557

Now that sounds like a fun family photo session! What memories they will get to cherish! Many of you may not know that Kasper writes fantasy novels. Her novels are full of fairies, dragons and battles. Tell us Kasper

What started you in writing?

I wanted to do something to make my young children proud of me. I guess you could say I wanted a legacy so there will be a piece of me to live on. An idea just popped into my head one day of a fairy bonded to a halfling in a symbiotic relationship. I just started to write and within a month I had the draft of my first novel down. There was still a lot of work to do, but the ideas really flowed and I discovered how much I enjoyed writing. I think I would still write even if no-one was reading it, but I am kinda glad the books are going so well.

I’ve read your work and think it is amazing, so what is in the works for the future? Anything new?

At the moment I’m writing a collection of short stories about all the main characters in the Hunters of Reloria series. It really is a lot of fun; like visiting old friends and having a chat about what made them the people they are. It is interesting how our personality and attitudes can be affected by what happens in our lives. My favourite one so far is the dragon battle.

I am just now working on a story with my middle child about what went wrong when a clumsy young halfling tried to go fishing.

Oh my goodness that sounds like fun… I can’t wait to read them all!

Kasper, I absolutely enjoyed having you over for a mocha today! We must do this again! Thank you

Thank you too. I always love a catch up. Next time I’ll take you for a paddle in my kayak. The sea is nice and calm just here.

Bye all.

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Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.