Merric and Otto

FullSizeRenderLast week, I decided to get a fish tank and a Betta fish. After losing all three of my dogs within eleven months, I felt an empty spot. I was not quite ready to take the leap of another dog so I settled on a fish. I could enjoy them without the great emotionalIMG_5077 attachment or the financial commitment of the same level.He made himself right at home and his personality began to shine almost immediately.

We named him Merric, Irish for “ruler of the sea”.  He has begun his daily watch of me… whenever I am in the office it would seem he keeps an eye on me but when I am gone (or he doesn’t realize I am here yet) he hides in the artificial plants and little cave area. He has already realized when feeding time is and eagerly meets me at the top of the tank to gobble up a piece of food, then he will come back later for the rest.

Yesterday, we added a tank mate for Merric. He is an Otocinclus Catfish and he’s been here almost 24 hours already so I’m IMG_1484thinking he will make the final addition to my office tank! When he was first introduced, Merric checked him out quite a bit even to his discomfort. That little fella is fast! I am pleased to say that Merric did not attack him, just made him a bit uncomfortable. 🙂


Today, they seemed to have calmed down and are now doing their own things. It’s been a joy seeing personalities form with these two. So, welcome Otto to our little tank!

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