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51zy35mzfal-_ux250_Today I have Susan Thatcher with me!

Good morning and welcome….come and sit, we will get the fire going and curl up with a hot cup of coffee, What’ll you have Susan?


Good morning! May I have a large coffee with cream and fake sugar, please ? And keep it coming. In fact, just run it intravenously.


Intravenously, eh? Okay… well I did stock up on the “fake sugars” in case company wanted some. Hhmm, now let me think… Where did we first meet? Was it the Deep in the Heart Event in Austin in 2015? I know we’ve known each other awhile and did definitely meet at the DITH Event in San Antonio in 2016. We saw each other again in Crestview, FL at the FATE event.


We first met at Deep in the Heart in San Antonio in February 2016. That is, face to face. We’ve been chatting on social media for about 2 years now. And yes, we were next to each other at Florida Author Takeover in July 2016 in Crestview, FL.


Yes, social media was our first encounter! Thinking back, I seem to remember you relocating. I know you are in Florida now but where did you move from?


I lived in Los Angeles for 12 years prior to Florida. I was reluctant to leave, but times were tough and I found a job here. Things are better now.


Oh, I can imagine that was hard choice to leave your home of 12 years to go somewhere new, but what an adventure you must have had! Personally, I love Florida…but I am a bit biased since that is where I was born 🙂 I’ve never made it to California but am told it is wonderful.


I’m a Vermonter and the difference in the landscape is amazing. Not having to suffer through a Northern winter was also a bonus. I’ve shoveled enough snow and had enough icy slip and falls to last my lifetime.


In San Antonio and Crestview you had a cat on display and it seemed to intertwine in your writing, care to share what that is about?  


In “These Foolish Things,” our heroine, Liz Gardner, has a cat named Beanie. Beanie is a character: too smart for his own good, always into something, very friendly,  but if he had thumbs, he’d steal your wallet and order Chinese takeout. Beanie is based on my cat, Toulouse. Loose was a black and white Turkish Van who came to me through a friend. Toulouse found my friend in a hotel parking lot, jumped into one of her bags, and jumped out again when she got to her room. This parallels how Beanie found Liz. I had a company make a stuffed animal based on Toulouse/Beanie. He gets petted a lot at these events.


I, obviously, know you are a writer, but tell us what else does Susan do? Are there any hobbies?


Writing doesn’t count? I have written and performed sketch comedy, stand up, and improv (well, you don’t write improv). I wrote a couple of  political humor sketches that were filmed, too:


I make beaded jewelry (mostly bracelets with healing stones) and walking around some of the wilder areas here (The Arthur R Marshall Refuge at Loxahatchee is a big favorite. Birds! Turtles! Whoa! Is that an alligator?).

The day job is underwriting mortgages. I’ve been doing this for over a decade, so that explains the tough times in California.


Wow, you have a some serious talent going on! My goodness, I’m going to have to scoot on over to YouTube and check those videos out.

Jewelry with healing stones sounds fun, I did beadwork for a while and know the skill it takes to make a good piece. Florida has plenty of wildlife for anyone to check out. I loved it when I lived there…nothing like riding down the interstate than to see an alligator watching traffic. 🙂


On my way to work one day, I got out of my car to help a large turtle safely cross the road. I get such a kick out of all the beautiful wading birds, like spoonbills and cranes. I have an idea for a story based on Florida wildlife and film noir. Pixar, are you listening?


As for the day job…I can see the troubles you would have encountered in California, hopefully Florida keeps you busier!


So far, so good. However, with the new Presidential administration coming in, we’ll see what happens. My books may need to find an army of fans very soon!


Well Susan, I am so glad you stopped by. Thank you so much for the great company but before you go would you leave your website link with me so the readers can come check out These Foolish Things and Beanie?


My pleasure: I always enjoy time spent with you.

Okay everyone, hop on over and check out Susan a bit more! Until next time.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

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