A piece of art – a piece of my heart. 


In 2004, my paternal grandmother was laid to rest. One of her many talents was working with beads. This piece was handed down to me – it had parts that were broken, although the repairs would be minor they took me 13 years to complete.

Why? You might ask…because until now I couldn’t bear to look at it without my heart breaking. Vera Dyess was the most amazing woman to me- Her smile would light up a room and her voice was as sweet as anything on earth. Her letters were always kind and full of love and then she was gone.

Today, I opened the wrapped piece and made the repairs to the best of my ability.

Today and from this day forward on, I will display a piece of her art as a reminder that talent is to never be hidden and neither is love.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

2 thoughts on “A piece of art – a piece of my heart. 

  1. It takes a while for that kind of pain to heal, and I am not even sure if they really do. Maybe we just learn to live with it, live through it. Because for me the death of a loved one leaves us with pain that not the passing of time can heal. But the love we had/have for them always leaves us with memories that even death itself can’t make us forget. 🙂

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