Morning Coffee with Freya Barker


Today I have the wonderful Freya Barker with me!

Good morning and welcome… come and sit, we will get the fire going and curl up with a hot cup of coffee, What’ll you have Freya?

1435854477Hi there! Thanks for having me.

I’ll take just a plain coffee with a little creamer, a little sugar… No muss, no fuss. Kinda like me.

Oh like that- easy! We have a new coffee maker, Ninja Coffee Bar, so I think I will try something new – Specialty brew with soy!

Freya and I first met in San Antonio at a book signing called Deep in the Heart. We had a lot of fun. Now, if memory serves me correctly Freya, you live in Canada right? It’s quite cold here in Central Texas but I can only bet it is nothing compared to where you are!

Yes I’m in Canada, and let me tell you, right now I wish I were anywhere but… It’s cold as sin here. We’ve already had a decent amount of snow and ice. No worse than, upper New York state, Ohio or Michigan, though!

It’s more cold than I ever want, I’m such a southern girl. Give me warmth and sunshine and I’m fine. Although, I do love me a good storm.  With so much cold time there, do you find yourself struggling for motivation or is that the motivator?

My motivation thankfully doesn’t depend on the weather. I’m always motivated to write…LOL…I may not always end up writing, but I’m always motivated!

OH that is great! Weather impacts me greatly, so I am sure you are thankful it’s not so for you!

It Impacts my body, but thankfully not my mind!


I know you have written many books and I am always seeing posts about you traveling, but what else do you do? Jobs or hobbies?

I’m a graphic designer and design covers and artwork for other authors. I also format books, get them ready and pretty for Kindle or paperback. I guess that falls under ‘work’. As for hobbies? My work, both writing and design, are my hobbies. They say you never work a day when you love what you do. That’s true for me.

Of course, I absolutely love reading. I always have a book on the go and carry my Kindle wherever I go. I used to love to quilt, I did some nice scrap quilting in my day, but that has become hard on my hands. Baking and cooking I enjoy. I just don’t enjoy the time it takes…time I’d rather be writing!! Which reminds me, I have some Christmas cookies that have to come out of the oven….

Well I do hope those cookies came out great! I’ve never had the knack for quilting but I do love to snuggle under them. I’ve heard from many people that quilting is hard on the hands. I crochet a good bit and must take breaks every now and again from it so my hands don’t ache too badly. I didn’t know you did graphic design! How fabulous? See ya learn something new all the time.

Always need to keep those hands busy—one way or another.


With the holidays over, what new things do you have coming up?

I’m putting the finishing touches on the first book in a new series. I actually have two new series lined up for this new year as well as a standalone which I will start writing next. I’m excited about that because it is something of a collaboration. I released a novella written for an anthology Love, Lies & Crime, and although that story has a happy ending, the characters still have some story in them to come to their HEA, so a full sized novel will follow. I’m not clear on the exact release dates, but hope to have something ready before the spring.

 I will also be attending a few signings again this year, starting with Authors In The City in Raleigh in March. Then in May I’m at home in Canada at Romancing The Falls in Niagara Falls, an event I’m organizing. Next will be New Orleans, Louisville, then back in London, Ontario. October will see me in Portland, Maine, exciting Love’NVegas in Las Vegas and finally back at Rebels and Readers in Huntington, West Virginia, which looks to be my last for the year once again. A lot of travel and I hope my body holds out, because I love it!


Goodness! You sound as if you will never sleep! When do you ever find the time to write when you are on the road so much? I do hope I get to see you while you are out this year.

I try to write every day, even when I’m on the road. It’s become a routine I try not to break too often. I love writing and it’s become my favorite go-to-therapy. 

I hope we’ll bump into each other somewhere!

Freya, I, too, hope to see you on the road somewhere. I am so happy you decided to drop in for coffee today with me. I do hope we can do this again soon!

It would be my absolute pleasure! This was fun.

Everyone, if you would like to meet or follow Freya go to her website ! Have a great day all and see you on the next Morning Coffee




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