Emptier than its ever been…

Only 9 days in and already 2017 has been full of emotion and well, emotion.

Of course I rang in New Year peacefully at home with my husband and our dog, Maximus. So that was very normal, its what came the next week that truly amazed and destroyed me all at once.

f987a-calastan_cherylynndyess_ecoverfinalJanuary 2nd… Calastan, my first novella, hit the top 100 in 5 countries on Amazon!

YES… I literally ran through the house yelling out to my husband “I just got my 5th country!” That was the level of excitement. Anyone who has ever shared their craft knows the struggles of creating and sharing and being successful. What a great way to start my new year, right.

So, thank you to every person who downloaded Calastan!

January 4th, I drove my youngest img_0939son to the airport to return to AIT… it was the last morning he technically lived with me. He will not be returning home again except to visit. This was both a proud and sad moment. He is my baby… but he is now a man and a soldier! 





January 6th, I have the worst morning! Maximus.jpgMaximus, our last remaining dog, had to be put down. The decision was heart
wrenching and felt like my soul was ripped from my body. He was the last of the trio who joined our family back in 2009. He was my last… and now he too was lost to me.




To divert my mind from my sorrow, I began to clean up my sons room and ended the night in the early hours of the next morning crocheting a detailed hat. I used the YouTube video from Sheruknittingcom – amazing patterns to challenge you and that is just what I needed.

All weekend we spent time cleaning my sons room – basically disinfecting it. I never realized how dirty that teen was. UGH.

But, on January 8th … I officially began moving into the room – as my office. I am now sitting and working in my office. Why is this is odd?  It’s my first dedicated workspace not in any other room since 2010! I have worked out of bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens the last seven years.

So, as I sit here typing this up it feels good to have an office but surreal that my son will not be here living anymore. It seems like this is the step that officiates that. (photos of the new office to come once it is complete…there are still things all over right now).

I may not have an empty nest but in the last 5 days it sure did get emptier than its ever been!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.