Do you ever just start to clean up an area and then somehow hours later you have rearranged or reorganized the entire room or filing system?

Oh, I sure hope so…cause then I wouldn’t be so alone in the struggle. It would seem that when when I start to “clean up” I get so distracted by the need to organize that I get lost. But the worst part is when you go back to find something you cleaned or organized and can’t remember that perfect spot you thought you had!

gjcwj-n3h4e-sanwal-deenI have no great advice on this topic… just know that you are not alone either. I was updating my digital storage space – as capacity was being reached in one so I had to move some files around – and somehow and hour later my digital storage is not the only thing “cleaned up”… my desktop and various other files have also been organized.

And while, I know I feel wonderful about the refreshing feeling this has left me… I will be cursing later when I go to find that one file I know I have … but where!

And so the cycle continues.

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