Morning Coffee With Rachel McCoy

Happy New Year and welcome to Behind the Pages first Morning Coffee with a


Today, I have with me the wonderful Rachel McCoy.

I have known Rachel for a little while, we met in the giant book world! I absolutely fell in love with her writing and of course, she is a natural charmer!

 Welcome Rachel and good morning! Come sit by the fireplace and grab a cup, what will you have?61mrh0i1nbl-_ux250_

Good morning! I’ll have a giant latte with lots of cream and sugar.

Giant, eh? Goodness you’ll be ready to tackle the whole day now! I’ll settle for a White Mocha with soy. We need all the warmth we can get! Burr its cold outside.

Yes! It’s horribly cold here. I’m definitely not a winter girl!

So, Rachel, tell me and our visitors what do you – I know you’re a writer – but is there anything else you do?

I’m super big into family. I have two kids and a husband, but we recently moved across the country away from my close family. Every few months, we go back to visit, or they’ll come up here to see us. We try to get a lot of time to see each other since we’re so far apart. Outside of traveling, I’m a huge reader, baker, and amateur artist.

Family is so important especially for the kids! Nowadays it seems as though people get lost in their everyday lives and forget the rest of the family. Great thing you’re doing to keep connected.

Thank you! It’s a lot of time and money but so, so worth it!

Now, I know mornings can be difficult at times especially trying to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before getting your day going. What struggles do you encounter?

My mornings are totally split in two. At the beginning, it’s a mad rush to get my kids dressed, make lunches, and get them to school. After I get home, it’s so relaxing to have the house to myself, drinking coffee and making breakfast while I check emails and get geared up for the day. I really need those minutes to get into the zone so I can be productive with my writing.

Oh, my goodness, how blessed you are to be able to have some time to get into your zone. That zone produces some great work! Are your kids old enough to understand that their mom’s a writer? What do they think about it?

Haha, I don’t know! My oldest is five, and he knows I like books. Our whole house is full of books, and both my kids are addicted to reading and getting books from the library. My oldest also figured out that some books have my name on them, but since they don’t have pictures, he’s not interested yet. Maybe in a few years!

I know you moved up North… and was in Texas once… is that where you are from?

Yes, I’m totally a Texas girl, born and raised. I grew up in Austin and lived there until I moved to Galveston for college. There I met my husband, and we lived in the Galveston/Houston area for ten years. Eighteen months ago, we were transferred to southern New Jersey, and it’s definitely a culture shock! Everyone here gives me a crazy look when I wear my Texas charm out and about.

And you see I’m the Texas transplant so a lot of this is so new to me. I know the adjustment must’ve been huge for you and your husband, but what about the kids?

Oh, man. It was a crazy time. My boys were 3.5 and one year when we moved, so it was a real struggle for them. They went from seeing grandparents every other weekend to every two or three months. They cried about our old house for a long time and it was really rough. They were just too little to understand but old enough to know something was different. Thankfully, they’ve made great progress and are both doing really well now!

I’ve read your work and think it is amazing, so what is in the works for the future? Anything new?

Oh, my goodness, thank you! I’m currently working on a supernatural/paranormal romance story. I’m taking the new-to-me step of workshopping it with other authors and getting each chapter critiqued multiple times. It’s a ton of work and time, but I hope the end result will be that much better. After that, I’ll finish the third book in my fairytale series, a retelling of Hansel and Gretel!

Now that all sounds exciting! Collaboration projects can be so overwhelming but so enriching at the same time. I know you will do great!  Hansel and Gretel, eh… Hmm, I may need to check this out.

Rachel, I absolutely enjoyed having you over for a coffee today! We must do this again! Thank you and Happy New Year to you and your sweet family! Stay warm darlin!

Thank you so much for having me!

Everyone is welcome to comment or leave questions for Rachel or myself about her work. If you’d like to check out the work Rachel has out, you can go HERE.


Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.