2016 in review



2016 was an eventful year. Goodness all the memories!

January: We went into the new year with the youngest getting his license to drive. With in the first month, he was in an accident. Nothing serious, but it shook his nerves just a tad.

February:  I had my first signing of the year. Deep in the Heart in San Antonio, TX.  The hubs and I absolutely enjoyed ourselves. The signing was very successful. Met lots of new readers and writers as well as other bloggers. We had to say goodbye to one of our fur babies. Our male chihuahuas, Kronus, had to be put down on the 29th.

March: My newest grand baby was born this month. Zion Lamar! YAY. I also got a new toy – my first Mac! OH, how I love this desktop!

April: The youngest son also made it to national with his DECA team, Nashville bound with bus loads of his team members. They did really good and he has memories that will last him a lifetime.

May: The youngest gets his first ticket! Lead foot! Apparently, that accident didn’t slow him down any.

June: I was so blessed to watch him walk the stage in his High School graduation. We had a houseful, as family from Georgia stayed with us to celebrate.

July:  Our second signing happened. We drove out to the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida for the Florida Author Takeover Event in Crestview, FL. We got to spend time on the beach with family and enjoyed  delicious barbecue. The drive there was absolutely insane – the traffic was crazy

August: This month was insane for me. Okay, first we had our third signing in Dallas, TX at the Deliciously Dirty in Dallas event. Then, my husband left for Germany. He’d be gone at least three weeks.

September: We celebrate the 18th birthday of my youngest, who then swears in to the US Army in the middle of the month! My oldest daughter and I drove to Dallas to watch his swearing in and say our goodbyes. Hubs comes home.

October: Things slow down a little. But now our female chihuahua is not doing so good. Jordan, our 20 y/o with Aspergers, decided he is ready to drive. He started his online driving course! YAY.

November: The holidays are revving up and we are full steam ahead. Rhea, the female chihuahua, had gotten to sick and I had to let her go on the 9th. I had these dogs straight from the breeder and they were family for 7.5 years. Her loss was very hard on me. She was my shadow and partner in all she could be.  We have one more dog, Maximus, who is now lonely but getting plenty of love and treats.   Thanksgiving was nice but hard for me. My youngest was not home and neither of my chihuahuas were there, very sad. Mason finished BASIC and started his AIT. The shopping has begun for the holidays for those who are local. Most of our out of town family was already done.

December: Goodness, December well the cold weather sure bit right into the month! Good news is my 20 y/o is ready to get his license, it will be provisional so we can teach him to drive, but its a huge step forward for him. Mason came home for Home Block Leave! First time I’ve seen him since September. This was an exceptional moment as I watch my son walk up to me as a new man, literally! Loved this! I got to meet the “girlfriend”, very happy for that – she is respectful and funny, has a good head on her too!

Christmas was amazing! My day surgery went off without a hitch and I’m recovering really well.

Goodness, the next to the last day of the year my fur baby, Maximus, was diagnosed with diabetes. That has been a huge change we are undertaking but gladly do it to prolong his life and improve his standard of living! 

All in all, my 2016 was pretty amazing with only two real big down times. Fate was fairly kind to me this year! So this evening when the clock hits 11:59PM…. I want you to take a slow deep breath in – breath in all the negativity you had/have – then as the clock strikes 12am let that breath out – so the next breath in is all positive!
Happy New Year’s Eve. Thanks for joining me in 2016, hope to see you in 2017!

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