Holiday goodness in a book sale!


Hi all, the FSFNet (Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network) sale is on this weekend, so please pop in and grab some prizes from the competitions. I will be there on Sunday, 5-6pm New York EST Saturday night, and there are free books and an Amazon voucher up for grabs during the hour I host with the lovable Kasper Beaumont!

Other authors that will be present, here is a full list and when they will be there:

Here is a list of the authors hosting the sale. Note this is New York time. Please come and chat with them:
Dec 17th 11am-12MD Greg Spry
Dec 17th 12-1pm James McAllister
Dec 17th 1-2pm Nicholas Rossis
Dec 17th 2-3pm Robin Lythgoe and Debbie Brown
Dec 17th 3-4pm Dianne Astle and Will Macmillan Jones
Dec 17th 5-6pm J.d. Hallowell
Dec 17th 5-6pm Kasper Beaumont with special guest author Cheryllynn Dyess
Dec 17th 7-8pm A.R. Silverberry
Dec 17th 9-10pm Leeland Artra
** ** **
Dec 18th 12-1pm E.A. Hennessy
Dec 18th 1-2pm CM Lance
Dec 18th 2-3pm Devorah Fox
Dec 18th 3-4pm Bryan Rainey
Dec 18th 5-6pm L.R.W. Lee
Dec 18th 6-7pm Bonnie Ferrante Tittaferrante and H.M. Clarke
Dec 18th 7-8pm Raven Oak
Dec 18th 8-9pm Lori Jean Fitzgerald
Dec 18th 9-10pm Lynette White


All FSFNet members write pg 13 and below in all the Sci-Fi / Fantasy subgeners – so there is nothing you can’t find! Swing by and see us, let us know where you got your invitation!

We’d love to have over!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.