All about the presentation

“No matter what you are trying to show, demonstrate, sell, explain, teach, or show… It’s all in the presentation.
If presented improperly it will not be received with welcome~ the doors will close to the mind, the hands will turn down and possibly never re-open.
Don’t miss your chance to do give to someone else because of how you tried to hand it to them.”
I shared this in 2012 on social media and still believe its true today.  I tell my kids regularly, “It’s all in the presentation.” No matter what they are doing or saying that is usually one of the responses they get from me. 
After 40+ years, I have learned that no matter what you are trying to say or point you are trying to make – if you do not present it well, it will fail.
Now with that said, each recipient will need a different type of delivery system. If you’re presenting something academic then by all means be academic. BUT if you’re trying to tell a friend something, say about a new item you saw in the saw, you may not need to lead off with stats and production history.
So, keep in mind who you’re talking too and present the subject matter accordingly.

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