BOOK REVIEW:Raene and The Three Bears from RS McCoy


Raene and The Three Bears

RS McCoy


A golden-haired beauty with a tiger totem, Raene Randal is powerless to stop the dissolution of her life. Her uncle and best friend, Kaide, is sending her away for good. While Raene knows his actions are fueled by the sudden and unexplained loss of his bride, Blossom, that doesn’t change the fact that her future is certain. As the niece of a Pyro politician, it’s Raene’s duty to cross the realm and fulfill her marriage arrangements with an Alderwood Bear Clan.

The rest of her life is mapped out, but Raene has one choice left: to choose a husband from the sons of the Bear Clan’s leader—too bad she’s not interested in any of them. She knows her duty, but so far from her home and everyone she knows, Raene finds keeping her promises harder than she ever thought.

On the far side of the realm, Blossom knows nothing of Kaide’s implosion or Raene’s departure. She’s trapped in the Aero city at the whim of Syndicate Mercer. As much as she tries to adapt to her aerial totem and her new role within the Aero branch, Blossom knows it’s only a matter of time before she sees Kaide again, but this time, she’ll be his enemy.



First a huge thank you to McCoy for giving me an advanced copy of this book~ It was both an honor and pleasure!

I received an ARC of this book from the author, this review is my own opinion.

Book 1 was a huge hit for me so to continue with the story and go even further into the twisted tale of this new world was a pleasure I was eager to jump into. So when it was Raene’s turn to transition and move forward I couldn’t help but to sit and soak it up! Raene doesn’t know what is happening with her relationship with her uncle and then all of sudden she is called to him. Immediately you begin to wonder what is happening! When leaving book one you are left with a gaping “oh my goodness that can’t be happening” only to be crushed with the beginning of this book. And not in a bad way. McCoy’s writing style takes a hold of your heart and just throws it into the mix of the story. You get so invested in what is happening it’s as if you are there right next to the characters.

McCoy has the ability to create a realistic world with shifters among the everyday lives of the people. The pace is steady and never a dull moment. The relationships are also realistic- brothers, friends, family all feel the pressure and pain of commitment to one another and their people as well as themselves. Her character building is near perfection in that you can totally accept each personality as someone who could be real.

Romance, suspense, thrills, mystery and a huge dose of paranormal/fantasy brings together another great tale. I’d highly recommend this to everyone.

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