BOOK REVIEW: Ghost Witching from Ally Shields

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Seeing ghosts should make solving homicides easy, right? Not even close.
 When detectives Maggie York and Josh Brandt catch a new murder investigation involving occult rituals, ghosts, and venomous snakes, it seems like a case that could only happen in New Orleans. Not only does the victim’s ghost demand Maggie’s attention, but three apparitions begin appearing to her…sending the detectives on a search for more bodies. They soon discover the ghostly trio has links to the Witching Hour Society, an organization of self-declared witches with far more going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile, a neighbor believes the victim killed his family with a curse, and the media eagerly sensationalizes the entire story.
Making things worse, Maggie and Josh have hit a rough spot in their personal relationship. The tension between them is already high when Josh’s ex-fiancée arrives in town…and wants him back.
Soon the violence is escalating, the ghosts grow more aggressive, and the deeper Maggie and Josh dig, the stranger things get. Welcome to murder New Orleans’ style.

Phenomenal! 4 stars, eh hem butterflies 😉 .

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion.**

Shields has once again created a fantastic read as she continues the story of Maggie York. Without losing a moment it seems Shields has created the perfect book two in this paranormal series. Her world creation is so realistic you can feel it surround you. You feel the emotions the characters are experiencing and you brace for the next piece of the puzzle as more are thrown your way.

Maggie is pushed to the edge of just about every aspect of her life – romance, paranormal and investigative. She must overcome her past and her fears while accepting her ‘gifts’ and learn to use them even more.

Josh has a new woman walk in his life and even though Maggie is giving them space it drives her crazy – jealousy comes in and creates a wedge that is near impossible to remove.

Can Maggie accept she has more witchy gifts and uses them to solve a case that has the black arts intertwined with murder and conspiracy? Will Maggie see reason with her love for Josh and her fears from the past that creep in?

If you enjoy a good modern day paranormal romance with some drama and suspense mixed in that I highly recommend this book.

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