As an American, I am disappointed.

As an American, I am disappointed.

In 1989, I dealt with hate and racism.

In 1992, I dealt with hate and racism.

In 1996, I dealt with hate and racism.

In 2000, I dealt with hate and racism.

In 2004, I dealt with hate and racism.

In 2010, I dealt with hate and racism.

In 2016, I am STILL dealing with hate and racism.

People, it is NOT getting better. We, as a nation, must mature. We as a nation must accept differences. OR We as a nation will fail.

I am not coming to you as a White American or a Female American, or a Christian American… just an American. In my news feeds, I see overwhelming hate and despair. I see killings of innocent men, woman and children. I see racism getting worse and not better. I see slander beyond what should ever be acceptable. I see people hating others for their religious or spiritual beliefs. So yesterday on Facebook I posted for some good news, positive news. I have almost 600 friends on Facebook and while the comments were amazing, they were less than 5% of my social media friends. Its been 24 hours now and still less than 5% could share good or positive news with me. children-daddy-family-happiness-favim-com-903646


In America, we ARE the melting pot. That means simply there is no one race superior to another – no superior human heritage – we have a mutlitude of religious and cultural beliefs. There is no one religion and no one cultural belief system!

We as Americans the right to marry whomever we love. We have the right as citizens to talk to who we want and be in relationships with who we want. But you can be polite and respectful with your words and actions.
Every 4 years… I block or unfollow a slew of people from social media due to politics. Now, if your political views and post are polite, respectful and have proof to back them up that does not include satirical sites then I will never block you. BUT for those who slew hate and racism, I will and do unfollow you. I don’t
care who you are. In America, we have the FREEDOM of speech. We also have the right to block ignorance and intolerance.

Daily I see religious or spiritual posts. I am okay with them as long as they are (again) respectful. Each religion has a basic belief of peace and love. 315497_1966977775561_7239735_nBut when people post about banishing those of specific religions or of any religion other than their own… then they are removed from my view. In America, we have the FREEDOM of religion. We also have the separation of Churh and State!

Here are my views:

Marriages – Date, Love and Marry who you want. This is the life you choose. You should be able to love without fear of those around you oppressing you or threatening you. I will support you. This is for all – the interracial relationship, the mixed religion relationships, the same-sex relationship – if you love, you will conquer hate!

Religion – well this is a touchy subject for most. I say if you are following a religion and practice so that it causes no one else any harm, fill your soul till it overflows. But religion does not belong in the government, it does not belong in my healthcare, and it does not need to be forced upon me. I am a DEIST. I believe in one supreme being, God, but I do not believe he is active in my daily life. I believe we are given the rights to choose our actions, our beliefs and this logically means to me he doesn’t interfere. I believe that when our Earth-Daysouls leave our bodies we return to the Earth and there our souls remain in the spiritual realm until the time when they return to live again. I am renewed spiritually by nature and running water. I am fulfilled by it. I am more spiritual than religious and claim no religious affiliation other than that. It has taken some years for me to come to a place in my life where I feel right and good about these choices.

Politically – No one will ever be happy, but we should be respectful of every ones ideas. I believe we need to help those in need, not just throw them out and say deal with it. We are a great nation and should endeavor to keep it so. I believe in higher education for all – couple-cute-goals-heartbeat-favim-com-2483903with requirements to serve the country in some way. I believe in a single payer system. Everyone deserves quality care just like every major country in the world. If you don’t feel public healthcare is enough for you then you can purchase additional insurance at your own cost. I believe in a living wages and equal wages for all. If you have the skills – get paid according to that – not your skin color or sex.

Now, if you don’t like my views… that is okay. If you want to share with me yours… that is okay too. But DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT tell me in any disrespectful or hateful way that I am wrong, going to hell or threaten me for not believing the way you do.
eye loveI am an adult.

I am intelligent.

I have a college degree.

I have experienced life.

I can respect our differences.

I can accept them.

I will not try to change you.

I will embrace those differences and try to learn from them. Expand myself as an American, as a human.

However, I will NOT encourage hatred of any kind. I will NOT support hatred in any form.


America is divided as a nation, we need to be united. We don’t need enemies to come in and defeat us, we are defeating ourselves.

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