I wish…

Earth-DayI wish I had paid more attention to things in my history & science class. Why? You ask.
Well, now as a writer those very neat and cool things you did in Chem class or Physics can easily be blended into a story. As for history, well some of it would help with the work-in-progress I have had to research hours and hours for each chapter. UGH. While I think the story will be amazing…it is the one piece I’ve had to work the most on. While I write fiction and that means pretty much the worlds I create work the way I want them to, it would be nice every now and again to not need to research so much of the science. adorable-beautiful-cute-family-Favim.com-936209
I wish I had paid more attention to my children when they were younger… Not because I feel I failed at doing so, but to give me more memories of them as they are all adults now and those moments are lost. Working to find things to make new memories with them whenever possible. Now that they are grown…their time at home and around me won’t be as often.

I wish I had taken the time to talk to my grandparents more. Now that they are all gone, I miss the talks I did have. I remember the smiles that crossed the telephone lines while we talked and enjoyed what time we did have.

What do you wish you would’ve paid more attention to ?


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