18 years…

Othumb_IMG_4530_1024n this day eighteen years ago, I was blessed with my second son and last child. Our life has been full of adventures and I’ve proudly watched him grow into the young man he is today. I am proud to know I had a piece of making such a good person who will go into this world and make differences in others.

Mason is so much like me  – we are very similar! Our personalities collide as we are both strong minded and opinionated individuals. We both want what we want and that is it *Thankfully I’ve grown out of this mostly*.

This last year has been so full of great things… he worked and saved to buy his first car ~ he graduated High School ~ he joined the Army (leaves in a couple of weeks).

Now, also on this day it means that I am no longer legally responsible for anyone other than myself for the first time in 24.5 years! Yes, that’s right… I also no longer have to do “school shopping” or first day of school photos.  I have completed that part in my life.

Now while there will still be a few kids at home, but they are all adults and I can focus more on me. Is that selfish? Nope, not one bit. I have given all I can give to raising my children and while I will continue to guide them in adulthood… my raising days are done.

Happy Birthday Mason, Mama will always love you.

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Just a few photos to show his personality and charm.

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  1. I see since my response to your chat on my virtual coffee post, that you have two kids. Your last child going in the army. Enjoy your freedom, although you will always be the worrying mum. You have adults now to be proud of.


    • I actually have three adult children and stepchildren who are adults. Although the youngest is in the Army I still have a couple home working on their way out! You are correct though, lots of time but lost of worry. Lol. Thank you so much.

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