What’s in your fridge?

Writing prompt I chose for the week is “If I looked in your fridge what would I find?” 

​​Well, obviously I couldn’t begin to fathom what’s in your fridge… So, I’ll share a little funny from mine recently. 
A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to eat out for dinner for almost a week, this is such a rare thing for us because I really feel it wasteful. This of course created a lot of space in the fridge, which our kids were not used to. The oldest girl swings by the house, and like all kids coming home they go straight to the fridge to see what the folks have. Her remark upon opening the door, “You guys only have beer and water in the fridge and some cheese!” 

​Yup, that’s right we were well stocked on a variety of beers and cheeses plus our jug of water. Secretly I felt bad and went to get groceries the next day! But in all honesty I had NOT paid attention because I hadn’t been cooking. All I can say is we all had a good laugh! 

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