Coastal Crafting Cousins

So, how is everyone doing? Me… well, I’ve been quite busy to be honest.

After the book signing and spending time with family it was decided upon that my cousin, Tina, and I shall indeed start a crafting store where will sell the lovely items we make. And so the work begins. We have begun to create an item inventory list, set up ideas for the holidays, and this weekend the yarn shopping begins!

Oh yes, yarn shopping! For any crafters they know the joy of buying the supplies they need. So for me… I get to go to Michael’s and shop, shop, shop! I’ve already stalked, eh hem…scoped out their website for the sale and clearance items. đŸ™‚

But let me first show you a project I’ve already completed and one I’ve started on …

IMG_4489IMG_4496Here are some wash clothes and face scrubbers I made with 100% cotton yarn. (Same yarn from my bag I shared recently.) I did the clothes in simple Tunisian stitch and you can see the front and back sides in the picture on the above left. I love stitch once it gets started! Leaves a beautiful look. The face scrubbers I did them in a medium size – one side is smooth and the other has bumps. You can see this in the picture on the upper right.








I had so much black and yellow yarn left over that I thought it would make an adorable 5 pointed star afghan. My first try and I’ve only had to take a section out once. (Gotta love learning a new pattern and skipping a stitch, eh!)

So with these beginning to take shape, Tina and I have begun our list of things we plan to make… wash clothes, face scrubbers, eye makeup remover rounds, scarves, place mat and coasters, coozies for cans/mason jars, Afghans, stockings, fingerless gloves, baby items and clothing for various sizes and so much more.

While we won’t officially open until September 1 – Tina has already had our first order! How exciting right! I know I was and shocked at the same time.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – we plan to offer a section from Guest Crafters. We have friends and family who do crafts of various kinds and plan to offer their goods too. Now, we won’t only offer crochet, NOPE we plan to have a huge variety, to include bath bombs with essential oils, cross-stitch projects, vinyls, beading and paper crafts.

Although we can’t offer you a website link yet, I would like to offer you up a look at our logo!



Let me know what you think! We’d love to hear from you! You can reach us both at We have a Facebook and  Instagram page for you, so make sure to join us!

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