Acknowledge, Accept and Understand.

I love the color purple. I find intimate beauty in all its shades. I do not hate lilac because I prefer lavender. I accept that someone else may like yellow, when I do not. This is okay.

I don’t tend to blend my shades of colors but others do, this too is okay.

I will not hate or tear down another because they like something I do not. I will encourage with an open heart. I will accept that we are different.

I will not destroy what one loves or believes or how they live as long as they are not destroying another life. If they are being kind with yellow, then my purple will be happy for them.

In a world filled with uniqueness, we as humans have begun to destroy one another.

This is the thoughts I have when I hear about hate crimes, mass shootings, and other terrors in our world. Now, I’m not a religious person…however, I am spiritual. Yes, there is a difference – that is for another day.

We have humans from every part of the world among us daily (pretty darn much) so why is it we seem to not be able to get along. Or why is it or only way to react to not liking something is to tear down someone or something else. What happened to accepting our differences? What happened to tolerating those differences? In each corner of the world you have someone standing there – they are not necessarily like you or I… but they are like themselves. So for that one person, find the beauty and peace in them. Its okay if they don’t dress like me, act like me or even believe like me. It is not for me to change them in any way. It is however, in my opinion and spiritual beliefs, to lift them up as a human (no matter their race, religion, sexuality). Lift them up to become a better version of themselves.

Parents tell their kids to get along with the other kids at school but when the kids come home see the parents hating on everyone and can’t get along. Be the example in all aspects of your lives,

I didn’t grow up with this type of peace in my home – I didn’t grow up with understanding parents who saw differences in others and embraced them. NO I did not! What I did grow up with hate, racism and extreme prejudice.

So how did I become this understanding and accepting person I am today – I made the conscious decision to be a better version of myself. I do not accept the phrase “its how I was raised”. I do not accept the logic “It’s what I was taught”.


Retrain yourself, RETRAIN yourself.

Do not spread hate, spread understanding, love and acceptance.

In today’s society, there are too many sources of enlightenment to allow our minds to be opened to the differences of others. Learn from those differences, accept them. You don’t have to allow those differences to change you – just say “Okay, your different from me and that is okay!”

Thoughts become words, words become actions and actions become the change that gives us the result of the tomorrow we will have.

What are your thoughts? Are they good? Are they positive?

What are your words… Will they lift up someone or tear them down?

What actions do you take to show your words and thoughts are true?

Remember to acknowledge, accept, understand and if necessary tolerate! I don’t have to be like you to be good, beautiful or a great thing… But you don’t have to hate me, torment me or kill me to prove I am different and you don’t like it.

We many never completely agree on anything, we may believe in different routes to the same destination but I truly hope we both believe all this hatred is getting us nowhere positive and fast.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.