Soul Therapy…water

IMG_4435What you consider your peace or sacred place may be very different than that others see… So what is my soul therapy, my place of utter peace – The Emerald Coast, the beach… the water!  The white sands and emerald waters with the salty air is my place of peace. This past weekend I was able to visit the place I have missed for quite some time. I went for a book signing and took advantage of my time there to visit family and the beach.

I walked up to the small boardwalk and inhaled, yes that was what I had missed. The air seems to purify all the negative from my soul. Stepping onto the sand felt glorious, I had not walked on any of these beaches since 2010… that is a long time to be away. As we IMG_4433made our way to the place my family wasalready gathered I looked out into the waters – those waters that were breathtaking, those waters that over ran with life and powerful life. Again I inhaled, this time more slowly.

As I walked down to the waters edge I could feel my soul healing, replenishing. I could do nothing but look out and smile. Then I let the water run over my feet – the cool water tingled over my feet as its energy filled me. This is where I belonged, but I couldn’t stay.

And of course like any good person… or as my kids would say – a little insane- I began to photograph the beach, the water, the horizon and even grabbed a few videos of it.

I made sure to send said video to my kids back in Texas… Three couldn’t come due to work and the other one chose not to come due to the short time we’d be here. I had to rub it in just a little.

IMG_4444My cousin had asked me earlier in the weekend what my plans were – I told her I wanted to put my toes in the white sands and sit my ass on a towel. I got close – a really cool guy, Chase, gave me his chair – such the gentleman. While I sat in the chair, hubs took to sitting on the towel next me. We watch the youngest girl play in the water, the birds fighting over the treats found on the beach and the waves crash on the shore.

I must say that while the book signing I attended was very successful, the highlight of the trip was the time I spent with family. Hubs go to really spend time with them, unlike the last visit where it was a one meal and done type thing.  I was able to see family I hadn’t seen in between 4 and 7 years ago. I got to see the one place where I feel more at peace than most. I got to sit my ass down and enjoy that water, that air, that energy. My soul therapy was complete for the day… now, we are planning our next trip back!  So while Florida is not my home, it is where I began!




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