Home is what and where?

People always IMG_4337talk about home… So what is home? Is it where you live? Where your loved ones are?  A place you lived or grew up?

For me its a mix of it all. When asked where I’m from, I reply “Southeast Georgia.” It’s as simple as that… but wait, is it? I was born in Florida, so that should be home right? Nope!

I am a Floridian by birth, Georgian by upbringing. Now, I did go back and live in Florida (not far from where I was born) as an adult and loved it… even then I still claimed Georgia as where I’m from. Today, if you asked “where are you from?” I’d still reply, “Georgia!”

Here’s why… from around 1978-2001 and then again from 2010-2012 I lived in Georgia. That is 25 years! Those years include my childhood, adolescence and early adult hood and some more years. That is more than half my life in one state! So yes that is where I am fromIMG_4338

Today, I am a TT! Texas Transplant. Way away from where I am “from” but still settling in and creating some roots. Where I am from and where home is, that is totally different! So how do I call this place home when in my heart it is Georgia. Well this is what I do…. My writing career started here. My love is here. This is where I was married. I started building a life here. I’ve begun to make friends and enjoy the many things Texas has to offer. And a bonus… this is where most of my children live.

So here, Central Texas, is my home. I have a veggie garden and flowers all over. Whether I step out front or out back, I smell the sweet floral scents of my many blooms. Here I have shared a few with you.

And while I can move my home anytime, but I will always be from Georgia!IMG_4339

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.