It’s a bean day…

This morning I was up bright and early and decided it was time to pick more beans/peas! So I did. The raised bed with the beans/peas in them is over run – the support poles are leaning and plants continue to grow. NOT a complaint mind you!

So, I gathered my bowl and with my trusty companions I went forth! Here is what I got this morning from my speckled bean plants! Aren’t they great! I can’t wait for dinner.

If you haven’t read any of my previous garden posts, my husband (AKA – hubs) and I grow everything organically. All earth friendly and pure! So this is a lot of work… we plant, we fertilize, we water, we pick gross little bugs off our plants… We could use chemicals and make our lives easier but then they wouldn’t taste as good nor would they be as good for our bodies.

I’m a bean girl. I love beans of all kinds. So growing my own was only sensible. As you can see in the picture on the bottom left the beans are all at different stages. The littlest is obviously to young… but they make a great steamed bean (whole pod and all). The next three stages will make nice beans of any kind – stewed, steamed, boiled, etc… The largest and last stage – the one with the spots… Yeah, that one! That is the ultimate stage. You can either eat them now (cooked of course) or you can use them to dry for storage. Nothing better than fresh beans in the winter when they won’t grow cause its too damn cold out! What is your favorite bean?

Now, not all beans are pretty – some have little bug holes where those buggers ate right through to the bean – darn things would eat half a bean and leave. How dare they not finish their meal! Others have spots from the world not being so kind to them and us not catching a problem soon enough… but overall more than 99% of what we grow we consume! YES!!!

Below you will see a small harvest of our bush beans. These can be snaps or the beans can be shelled for a delicious veggie for dinner. I will let the plants go another 10 – 12 days before I attempt another harvest. I left plenty of beans on both types of plants for a larger harvest nearer the 4th of July dinner! Oh my I can’t wait.

Oh, I almost forgot… those garlic I was growing – and hung to dry… They are strong and dried out now.

The garlic is currently in the process of being ground into garlic powder. Love my pestle and mortar for this stuff.


Well, that is my garden up date for this turn… see you soon!


UPDATE: Last night I cooked the beans! They tasted amazing – Oh my yes. They were tender and flavorful. If you can grow your own and organically I highly recommend it – if not try to buy organically, so very worth the cost!

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