Never crumble…

No matter has happened or happening never let yourself crumble into dust. For if you do then you have no chance to rebuild. It will be over.  This is why we as individuals, communities, and civilizations can always come back from defeat…we are not gone. And those that were made into dust are. 

The sun rises every morning, even if the clouds try to hide it from you…it is still there. As the sun rises so must you. Take a deep breath of the new day before you with great conviction that you are not dust, maybe crumbled and broken, but are able to rebuild. Rebuild your soul, heart and mind…then help others do the same. 

I’ve rebuilt my mind, heart and soul many times. I refuse to be completely defeated. When I am the. my life shall end. Until then keep up the construction. We are not done. 

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.