The countdown begins ~

In July, I will be heading to the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida with my family, well most of them… Some couldn’t get off for vacation. We will be in Crestview, Florida for the FATE event! What’s that you ask? Well FATE – Florida Author Takeover Event will be collecting canned and non-perishable goods for those in AMVETS, St. Jude’s and Make A Wish. You can go here for more information on the details.

For me its more than just a signing… or helping charities… its going home. You see this is where I was born … in the Emerald Coast – just south of Crestview in Fort Walton Beach. As a child I didn’t live there long but did go back as an adult and lived there for more than 7 years. My kids grew up there until middle school grades and we loved it!

Now to go back to the city where I worked, lived, entertained and loved is just pleasure. My husband seen it once as we stayed one night there but didn’t really get to see the place. I am hoping in my days there I get to show him around and see what I loved so much. Oh and we get to see family and friends while we are there too!

The event is July 16 & 17 and I offered to send in swag for the event….so then I had to figure out what to send. I didn’t want to be like everyone else and send plain old book marks. People always end up with tons of paper bookmarks and business cards. So, I put my hobby to work. I crocheted 100 book marks. All a little different from one another! Yes… I did. Oh my some nights my hands hurt. But here is what we have to send off!

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I have also started going thru my book inventory – counting what I have and what I need. Orders go out next week for all my items.

So as the time gets nearer I get to check off more and more on my list… the countdown begins!

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