Did that really happen?

When I was a teen I moved out of my home my senior year of high school… Life wasn’t easy for me there and therefore, my best friend offered me her couch. By the time I got settled in good – report cards were coming out. The months prior had been pure hell for me and my grades dropped immensely.

Now you know all parents give punishment for not having good grades. BUT her mom gave the most unique punishment I will ever remember! Because my trigonometry grade had slipped I had to dress up for Halloween. At school! Yes!

Now, many of you may not know this but I NEVER dressed up for this since I was a small kid… like ten! So here I am, 17, in high school having to dress up.

Um, okay… so then what was I to dress up as?

The choices were endless. The final decision… a mime!

How horrifying is this? Some may say it was fun! Some may say thats the best ever! Not this girl. I wasn’t happy about it. I liked not being so noticeable.

All day long I was dressed as a mime and barely spoke.I had the all black clothes and even the face paint. Now that was a punishment that embarrassed me, but one I will never forget!




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