Why worry?


This tweet here by @BlueMarTen makes one wonder what they are even worrying about when the universe itself is so full of life and death.

Personally, I think its human nature to worry! I could be wrong – but even at a young age we begin the process of worry. We worry if we are going to do well… We worry if we are going to fail… We worry about a future we have very little control over… We worry about life and death.  So why worry?

Think about it like this… whether you worry or not something is going to happen! Did you prepare to the best of your ability? Did you seek help when you really should have? Did you try your best? Well… then let it happen. No need to allow yourself to get sick and stressed over something that we as drops in the pond compared to the universe can do to change much more.

Take a step back, Take a deep slow breath…. let it go. Now, face what comes with the courage our human ancestors had to face the unknown world – and Succeed!

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