Gone fishing…

Sunday my hubs and I set out to go fishing at one of the near state parks here in Central Texas. We decided on Inks Lake State Park. We had not been fishing in quite some time so our first stop was for worms! Yes… we ended up with three types of worms. Now I’m not afraid of worms so this was our first “wildlife” of the day, LOL!

On the way to Inks Lake we see raccoon, goats, cattle, sheep (with big round horns), and of course the birds! The trip was pleasant and as we came up on the lake I found the view breathtaking.


The view was breath taking… leaving me to say to my husband, “Now, I can see some of the beauty of Central Texas.” Because in all honesty I didn’t think it existed!

So we go in and get to the pier and find a comfy spot to fish. The nibbles are there and of course we are ready! I caught the first fish – a really pretty red breasted sun fish, but too small to keep. The rest of the day was spent talking and trying new bait – different tactics. Finally hubs starts to get bites… he ended up catching four fish but still all too small to keep. All the while I keep seeing what I thought was a turtle head and cursing the said turtle for nibbling my hook. OHHHH but no he was not a turtle… I watched this cursed beast swim elegantly to a patch of grass where the water was more clear and NOPE, not a turtle…SNAKE! Yeah I had been arguing at a snake. Okay then…no worries they don’t bother me. Wildlife at its best – I am in their territory right?

The sun decided to peak out and grace us with her warmth and beauty for a couple of hours – this to me meant I came home with a very nice lobster shade of red on my face and neck – happens all the time.

Now… if you don’t know me that well I do fine with most creatures of the world EXCEPT  the spider. Oh honey I will scream and run from those creepy crawlers. So I can be brave with many things but let one spider of significant size come close and I’m done! Now, you may ask what is significant…. Okay… if its the size of a dime or bigger – I’m outta there! Yeah, I know that is sad… but hey we all have our weakness and that is mine.

So ALL over this dock/pier is spiders of significant size or larger…I’m smart – I don’t lean on the wood – and I move my pole out of their way – Respect is the key here.

After an all day fishing trip that ended plans for more than anything else we head home. Now, hubs drives most always – so here we are driving home from the lake on this long, long road and I see something creep across the road. I lean forward and think “Scorpion?” then noooooo I see it more clearly – just as hubs says aloud, “That’s a tarantula” Um, OH MY GOODNESS! This giant furry spider is strolling across the street like its an everyday occurrence. OH NOOOO! I get the shivers – you know the ones with the cold chill that runs across your entire body – yeah those! ONLY to see a few feet further on the road another one of those giant things strolling across again.

Needless to say I told my husband I didn’t want to see anymore wildlife for the day. And that was our fist day fishing in three years!


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