The world before you.

woman in the woods

When you stand with the world before you what will you do?

Will you follow the beaten path of others or make your own way?

How will you decide: Gut instinct or the lessons taught to you telling you the direction to turn?

You’re all grown up now stepping out on your own. Your only plan is to be on your own, start a life of your own, go places and see things. A life of your own design . But where shall you go? What shall you do?

Take a step, think of all you were taught, then take another step and another and another. Before you know it you have begun to build upon that foundation your family set before you.

What did you do?

Where did you go?

How did you choose?

Did you look back?

Always remember, not too many steps away are the ones you love… who helped you build that foundation you are building upon. Who will always be there for you, if you just ask?


The world is at your feet… walk lightly and enjoy her beauty.

The world is open to your soul… inhale her scent and lather yourself in her.

The world is ready for your mind… discover her hidden treasures and fill yourself with her.

*This I dedicate to my son who is about to venture into the world and become the man I dreamt of.



Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

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