Things I’ve Learned…

Today I share with you a list, compilation, of the things I’ve learned. Now these things are not just what I learned today or yesterday, but over the last 40+ years of my life. Ever think of what your list may be? Here are my top ten things I’ve learned…

  1. Appreciate each morsel of food you have, you never know when you will miss a meal cause you can not afford one or you chose to give it to someone else.
  2. Love all of your family – even the ones you really don’t get along with! After all, they are where you come from, what you reflect upon, and what your future depends on.
  3. Respect any one who has lived longer you! They have more time invested on this world and can share that information or hoard it. Be nice – that info could help you out.
  4. No matter how hard life is… someone has it worse. Appreciate life! Each day brings you a lesson, its up to you to learn that lesson or not.
  5. Capture every memory of your children for soon they will leave you and start their own lives… But when they are gone you have memories.
  6. Try to always improve upon yourself. We are far from perfect and nothing we do it precise at all times.
  7. Get a good education and don’t take advantage of it. Education is one thing NO ONE can take from you… even if you owe a lot of money for it 🙂
  8. Not to hold on to anger or hurt… in the end it only hurts the one holding on. Let go and find your peace, life is so much better when you.
  9. Take leaps of faith – take them! You don’t know how things will end up, but you’d never know if you don’t try.
  10. I’m not done learning.

I’d love to hear your list!

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.