Why I write…

Why do you write? This is a question I’ve been asked quite a bit over time. My only answer is because I have to. The words are there and they need to said, written.  Many times the words come to me and fight with me to put pen to paper, or even in todays world finger to screen.

Writing for me is very natural – always has been. I began writing very early in life, around age eleven. I didn’t write stories like most kids who were creating battles and having the princess saved, no I was writing dark emotional poems.

There has always been this dark shadow cast over my life, heart, mind and soul… I learned to embrace this, allow it grow and consume me. My life has been full of storms and I embrace them as well. Those storms are what give me my ability to take the emotions and scenery and create them with word for others to see.

For some their passion comes in the form of building something, helping others, even in playing sports. For me its all about creativity – with words. I have the ability, no talent, to use my words to create a vivid scene in ones mind of a place or person that has never existed or one has never experienced. Yet, when the reader takes in my words they see my worlds, my experiences. This is my talent.

When there is loss…I have words to help heal and accept.

When there is joy…I have words to help celebrate.

When there is the unknown…I have words to help discover.

Help, encourage, inspire, entertain, teach…

You see, this is why I write.

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

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  1. Dark passages are great for expressing your own voice. They don’t have to be own experiences. It can be great to free you of your demons. But sometimes we borrow those demons


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