Front yard garden – SUCCESS!

So it’s been awhile that Johnny and I have wanted more in our front yard, so far this spring we have one container flower bed that sits in front of one window and we wanted another on the other side (of course… who wouldn’t right?). Well we finally bought the flowers and slowly got what we needed- pots, soil, time…

IMG_3831This is what we started with.

Two weeks ago we bought some alamanda’s and bougainvillea’s for the flower bed…from Lowe’s of course. If you know us at all that seems to be our go-to place. Went to SAMs club either Wednesday or Thursday (really the days blurred on this one) and found two great pots for the bougainvillea’s. Okay, let me clarify… when I say two great pots I mean we stumbled upon a mountain of beautiful clay pots of various designs, colors and styles… the struggle was real and the prices low. So of course we said this weekend we are getting that flower bed done! We were determined!

We already had four bags of mulch ready and of course we thought this was enough. I think we are learning… there is never enough mulch!

Saturday morning we go to the recycle to get cardboard to lay on the ground to minimize the weed (aka the green stuff many people would think of as grass) growth from underneath, then we go home after a few other stops.

First, Johnny tells me to get the outline done. No worries! I use string to make my outline then get some corn meal and use a funnel to make my line – eco friendly and all!

I start to get the alamanda’s and bougainvillea’s in their proper new homes (aka clay pots)…while Johnny starts to get the ground ready. While he is over there weed eating and starting to pull up the grass… Well, I ran out of soil.

Figures right! He says well we can get more and go ahead and get a border to put down 😒 all I can think of is the number of stores we will end up at.  Now until he is ready to leave, I call myself helping pull up weeds and grass. But I’m quickly distracted by baby ladybugs!

Of, I instantly try to save them all. My husbands sees me trying this and suggest I get a glass to carry them. Of course! So I catch some and release them in our backyard garden. Mind you now I didn’t release in the vegetable garden (which would’ve been the thing to) I release them on the roses. Because sometimes I am just a genius that way! By the time I’m done with my distraction he said it was time to go. So we tried the local yocals…nothing. Fine, we go on post to the px – jackpot we found the border we can both agree on (which is no small task), but not the kind of soil we want. I sigh, this can only mean yet another trip to Lowes. Johnny says he thinks they have a spell on us. It never fails when we want or need something specific we end up there. I tend to agree. Of course, Lowe’s had exactly what we wanted/needed and we also grabbed another bag of mulch…

Okay, so we come home and I start setting up twine trellis for our beans while he finished the ground work – figured I had time to do that first, then I come back up front and get the bougainvillea’s ready.

Now that the plants are all looking pretty in their new pots I go to see how Johnny is coming along. By this time Johnny he is already putting down the cardboard and mulch, I assist where I can which really isn’t much…so I begin pounding in the border, I kind of like this part, I get to hit things and it’s okay.

Five bags of mulch later and a full day of work and now  we have a pretty front yard flower/ bush garden.IMG_3853

Looks much better eh? We still need more mulch – its quite thin right now, but this was one of the many adventures we had this weekend!  Back in the veggie garden we found that our beans had been infested with the mosaic virus and we had to pull most them up. Good news is the soil is not ruined – so we planted a brand new crop and will be eagerly awaiting the battle between us and the aphids! We will over come them!

Well, thanks for riding along my weekend adventure with me. Hope you enjoyed it!

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