Welcome…to Behind The Pages

I welcome you to the page! Hello, glad to have you over. Come sit, grab a drink and let’s chat a bit. I do hope you find this new blog of mine enjoyable. I plan to share things that are behind the pages of my life. That would be the things that I do and learn and whatever else may pop up. I will not post any promotions here – unless I am sharing that I finished a book but sales are not what I am trying to get here. I want to get know you and you to get to know  me, the me that is not on website or social media.

I was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and raised in Hinesville, Georgia. I developed a love for nature and the outdoors that pulled me outside every chance I had, while annoying many of my friends in the process. Growing up was difficult for me, I grew up in a home where abuse was prevalent but unspoken. The abuses I endured were not always from those in the home and therefore were hidden for many years. Some of these topics will be brushed on in posts… not for sympathy but for understanding and educating everyone to be aware.

Now, the happier parts of my growing up included visiting numerous historical sites all over – and anywhere my mom could drag the family. I treasure that now more than ever and try to do it with my own kids. I also gained a love for fishing, gardening, crafting – crochet, bead work, cross stitch and so much more. You may get tired of all that 🙂

So more about me… Well, I started  writing in junior high and kept all the poems hidden away in an old orange folder. (Original works date back as early as 1984.)  Paranormal and Fantasy are my favorite genres with Mystery and Thrillers close behind. I’m not huge on romance – too sappy for me. I want action and awe. I want to question the reality of life as we know it because some amazing author wrote a book that took me to their version of this world or some other one!

After a detour of almost twenty years in the health care industry and obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration/Health Information Systems I was influenced to return to my love of writing, so glad I did!

I currently live in Central Texas with my husband and the kids who are still at home. I have started a new life with a new look and learning to love life and myself again. This new adventure has opened my heart and soul to many great adventures.

So now that you know a tad bit about me… tell me about you or  what else (if anything)  would you like to know or have me share about?

Author of young adult/fantasy / paranormal as well as poetry and more.

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  1. Wonderful, amazing, awesome woman. Oh yeah.. Did I say I’m so proud to be her sister? I so am. Keep up the amazing work.


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